Friday, December 2, 2011


(journaling reads: this little girl would go on to do great things. she would graduate at the top of her class. she would work in the white house under president johnson. she would be a loyal friend, wife and mother. and among her greatest achievements... she would be your nana.)

my mom passed away just a few short weeks ago, at the end of may. while it's been so very difficult losing her. Drug detox.. i am thankful for the many, many memories.

the other day, while my brother and i were cleaning out her things, we found a signed piece of artwork -- an illustration of the white house. synthetic urine best detox kit... it was signed by lbj and lady bird johnson. i don't know why mom never displayed it more prominently. :) we're still sorting through her things, remembering along the way...

happy monday.

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