Thursday, November 8, 2012

what i found.

yesterday morning, while doing the laundry...

when our youngest was first born, i joined a mommy-baby class at church. i remember one of our first meetings like it was yesterday. a woman in her forties whose kids were nearly grown asked, "name one big hope for your child." i answered quickly, "i hope she's a reader." i had just left my job as a third grade teacher to stay home with this new little bundle. it seemed like the natural answer, and to be honest, a genuine hope for my little baby.

years later, i can see the naivety of my hope. there are, after all, many hopes i have for my girl --that she would be caring and kind, that she would love deeply, and that she would live with integrity and purpose.

but i'm so very glad she's a reader, too.

when i was blog-hosting over at wcs a few weeks ago, i shared these book labels as a gift idea. a little heads up -- i'm working on some printable labels for you all. check back. i hope to have them up later this week, or early next.

note: melissa, shoot me an email at mrsclaus09 at gmail dot com. i've got some fun mail for you! :)

and with that, wishing you all a very...

happy wednesday!

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