Saturday, November 12, 2011


when my kids were in preschool, i'd send them cute little notes in their lunch boxes. they were usually nothing more than a few words on a post-it, but they loved them and looked forward to the little lunch-box surprise each day.

since my kids began elementary school, i've let that tradition fade. i don't know why.

the other day my littlest found a joke book at the library. we read one joke after the next -- each one ending in a sea of giggles.

this got me thinking...

and i sat down at my computer and whipped up these sweet little things --
my daughter loves jokes even more than my son, so i'm sure they'll be a huge hit when she finds one in her lunch tomorrow. :)

in case you'd like a copy, download a sheet of 6 lunch jokes here. all you need to do it download the set of lunch jokes and save them to your computer and print. if you like, you can add a stamp, hand-drawn smiley or a sticker of your choice. i added a heart stamp on each of the ones you see above.

and if you're looking for more lunch-box note printables, help yourself to these, too. you can download them here. print on white cardstock and trim. :)

check out the ones stacy julian just gave away on her blog -- so cute!

and look at this. even lunchables is getting in on the lunch-note action.

lunch notes are everywhere!

enjoy. and happy tuesday!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

four on friday.

1) our shingles are being painted today. i don't know why this makes me so happy, but it does. i'll post pictures once it's complete.

2) i scrapbooked. my desk was too messy to warrant getting out any new supplies, though i did get a really fabulous box of goodies from little yellow bicycle yesterday. in my laziness, i did a digital page, which really took more mental energy than paper-scrapbooking would have. it's not my first 100% digital page, but it's my first in a long while. this could be the start of something...

(supplies: dot and brown paper, journaling snippets: crystal wilkerson; stitching: katie pertiet; frame: paislee press; stamped letters: ikari; font: splendid 66)

3) yesterday, over breakfast, anna was telling us all about how jaguars. did you know:
  • jaguars are a feline, but they sometimes eat wild dogs?
  • they'll hunt animals up to 160 pounds!

4) did you see that beth is blog-hosting over at write. click. scrapbook. this week? i love beth. and i love her blog. last week beth posted about her daughter's first ever muffin-tin lunch. genius! here's our own version of beth's muffin-tin lunch:

(pears, annie's bunny crackers, cheese, & plain yogurt + homemade granola parfaits)

happy friday!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

unfinished projects and a little giveaway.


i have more than a few projects that i started over break, but have yet to finish. here's the evidence:

in other random news:

... my daughter came home with a field trip form and a notice that we need to send in a check for $24. don't get me wrong, it's a COOL field trip, but doesn't that seem a little pricey?

... i made dinner last night in under 30 min. we had this, and this, and a spinach salad with this dressing. 30 minutes, people! that's a record for me!

... in addition to all the many, many unfinished projects listed above, i'm cleaning out my office, getting rid of some scrapbooking items i've yet to use and making room for some new stuff. leave me a comment by 8 pm pst telling me something you still need to finish (misery loves company, after all), and i'll draw a name to receive some fun mail. :)

... and in case you haven't popped over to yet this week, you're in for a real treat! jody's our hostess-with-the-mostest and you won't want to miss a single post!

happy tuesday!