Saturday, March 3, 2012

it may not look like much.

if you're living in hawaii or (heck!) anywhere else but here, it won't look like much. but if you've been nearly drowning in rain and hail this just might make you crack a smile.

i did.

four straight days with no rain in sight! so says weatherbug!

what would you do with this kind of news?

here's what sounds good to me:
  • have the shingles on our house stained. it's time. seriously!
  • take the dog for a good. long. walk.
  • thin my veggie garden.
  • watch anna's riding lessons from outside the car.
it's not a long list, but it's a start.
i'm guarding my morning so that i can do a little scrapbooking. i'm working on a mini album that makes me giddy.
in other news, this week is teacher appreciation week. we've been showering our teachers with little thank yous all week. if i get my act together, i may make each of my kids' teachers one of these.
if you're short on time and just want to print something to give, check out these super cute printables over at creature comforts.
wishing you a little bit of sun today. happy thursday!

Friday, March 2, 2012

july, in review.

seriously. where did july go? i'm happy to report we did NOT spend the entire month in pajamas (not that there's anything wrong with that...), but spent a lot of time together as a family -- much needed!

we had a wonderful week, just the four of us, here. we saw spinner dolphins and went hiking in the rain forest and spent countless hours lounging by the pool. it was just what we needed after what has been a difficult spring.
we returned home excited for a wonderful week of vbs camp, followed by a visit from mike's parents. we took them to the zoo, a mariners v. red sox game and headed to the beach. in all, it was a july to remember.
happy monday. happy august!