Saturday, November 12, 2011


when my kids were in preschool, i'd send them cute little notes in their lunch boxes. they were usually nothing more than a few words on a post-it, but they loved them and looked forward to the little lunch-box surprise each day.

since my kids began elementary school, i've let that tradition fade. i don't know why.

the other day my littlest found a joke book at the library. we read one joke after the next -- each one ending in a sea of giggles.

this got me thinking...

and i sat down at my computer and whipped up these sweet little things --
my daughter loves jokes even more than my son, so i'm sure they'll be a huge hit when she finds one in her lunch tomorrow. :)

in case you'd like a copy, download a sheet of 6 lunch jokes here. all you need to do it download the set of lunch jokes and save them to your computer and print. if you like, you can add a stamp, hand-drawn smiley or a sticker of your choice. i added a heart stamp on each of the ones you see above.

and if you're looking for more lunch-box note printables, help yourself to these, too. you can download them here. print on white cardstock and trim. :)

check out the ones stacy julian just gave away on her blog -- so cute!

and look at this. even lunchables is getting in on the lunch-note action.

lunch notes are everywhere!

enjoy. and happy tuesday!

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