Saturday, October 1, 2011

four on friday.

i'm pretty certain no one does four on friday, but since i'm "new" to the blogging world, i'm going to do it anyway and claim ignorance.

1) this tea. it's my (almost) nightly ritual. no caffeine and so soothing. goes especially well with #2.

2) this show. i know it's nearly over. so very sad about that. goes especially well with #1.

3) these shoes. i don't need another pair of sneakers. but whoa, these are cute! and purple! they make me want to run. and in case you want to be a runner like i want to (someday) be a runner, check out this "couch to 5k plan." and yes, i'm sitting on the couch as i type this. :)

4) and a notice. i'm blog-hosting over at next week starting on monday. stop by. i promise to post about something useful.

happy friday!

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