Thursday, May 5, 2011

in sight.

(i'm skipping four on friday today but will stick to the plan next friday. some days you just have to change things up! ;))

the final days of school are happening NOW, and summer is actually in sight. i'm delighted! slower days with mornings spent in jammies, hanging out after swim lessons, vbs camp and family vacations.

usually, by this time, i'm prepared for summer. this year, however, i'm taking things one day at a time.

i've got some fun blog posts planned. posts about keeping kids' brains working over summer (and links to some fun ways to motivate them, too!), as well as some boredom busters for those days when summer's end can't come soon enough (how is it even possible? yet, it happens every year!).

all that to come within the week. today, however, i'm going to a party. ;) a hooray-let's-celebrate-because-our-kiddos-are-nearly-finished-with-kindergarten party. what should i wear?

happy friday!

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